19th Vedanta Course in English

Date : 25 Aug 2023

19th Vedanta Course in English


Swami Chinmayananda envisioned a programme of study for the Vedanta Course, with the twin objectives of developing both the head and the heart of the student. It is in tune with this objective, that the two-year, intensive Advaita Vedanta curriculum is standardised. Traditional in its teaching methodology, its exhaustive focus is on Prasthana-trayi – the primary triad of the Hindu scriptures.

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Spiritual seekers, regardless of their gender, nationality, upbringing and faith, are interviewed and carefully selected before being accepted to undergo this intensive residential training in Vedantic literature.

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How do I apply?

To apply for the 19th Vedanta Course in English, please do either one of the following:

We recommend filling out the form online through the following link