Food for thought – On Swami Tapovanam

Self-rediscovery is the art of unveiling the Spirit by drawing asunder the veils of matter that now cover It. The Rishis of yore accomplished this consummation and lived in fulfillment of the life’s goal. For centuries we have been reading about it. The whole world of thinkers and students gape in amazement and wonder as they delve into the bosom of our scriptures. Though intellectually they appreciate the wondrous equanimity, the rooted poise, the steady perfection, and infinite bliss of these giant personalities, the Upanishadic students of our modern times cannot really believe what their reason accepts; the achievement of these masters being so unbelievably beyond the wildest imagination of their minds.
At such moments, a true student can discover his faith, reinforce his courage, strengthen his determination to walk the path and achieve the seemingly glory of existence, only when he finds confirmation of what he has understood in some living Masters. Such a glorious Rishi of immaculate perfection was our Guru, Swami Thapovanam.

We are today celebrating the first anniversary of His merging back in the source from which He came to confirm our faith, encourage our enthusiasm, whip up our action and guide us to our goal. This is an auspicious occasion, to reaffirm our faith in our culture, our faith in our religion, our hopes in ourselves. Let us strive hard through study, reflection and meditation to understand our goal and through diligent and sincere effort, to come out of the despairing clouds of impotency, imperfections and ignorance. Let us learn to love each other and work cooperatively, not only for our own individual development, but also for the spread of the Hindu culture. Let us on this occasion forget and forgive all differences of opinion among ourselves and give a new lease of friendship even to our confirmed and utter enemies.

I salute you all. May Thapovan-grace be upon us all.

– Excerpt from a letter to a devotee by Swami Chinmayananda


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