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Chinmaya Mission® was established in India in 1953 by devotees of the world-renowned Vedanta teacher, His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda.  Guided by his vision, devotees all around the world formed the nucleus of a spiritual renaissance movement that now encompasses a wide range of spiritual, educational, and charitable activities, ennobling the li   Read More..

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About the Vidyalaya

Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya – An Educational Model For Success

Founded by the Chinmaya Mission of Trinidad and Tobago, CHINMAYA MISSION VIDYALAYA (CMV) is committed to providing students with a purposeful, transformative and rich educational learning experience through its broad network of early childhood, primary and secondary schools. Established in 2003 with a signature campus in Couva, today, seven campuses are serving students’ educational needs in communities in Trinidad.

In sixteen years, Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya (CMV) has established a track record in academic excellence. Firmly rooted in a value based education system and integrating elements of the mainstream   curriculum, blended with ancient spirituality, culture and leadership modules, Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya is advancing high academic achievement and fostering diverse learning opportunities. Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya has successfully grown and scaled its model of education and presently impacts a total of 700 early childhood, primary and secondary students and their families in Trinidad and Tobago.

Delivering ‘education with a difference

Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya’s programming motto is ‘education with a difference.’ This is based upon embedding a solid foundation of academic excellence, blended with spiritual and personal development. With the dual focus on academic training and value-based education, we are harnessing the full creativity and maximum learning potential of every child.

Fostering a seamless education transition from pre-school to secondary school

From early childhood to secondary education, Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya (CMV) provides students with a seamless journey to quality education without having to transfer to multiple schools during their early years. Our schools are geographically located and accessible to students in multiple communities across the island – Couva, Gasparillo, Debe, Felicity, Esmeralda, Cunupia and Barrackpore. In addition, at Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya, students are not mandated to participate in the Secondary Entrance Examination (S.E.A.) the result of which is zero stress on 11 and 12 year old children to pass this exam.

Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya employs a unique teaching methodology by complementing secular knowledge with cultural values. Our curriculum is fully compliant with the requirements set forth by the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Education. We have adapted the Ministry’s High School curriculum and implemented it with the rigor crucial to drive exceptional success. Our students are assessed on the national examinations as set by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and over the years they have excelled at the highest levels with 100% passes in the exams.

Honouring and Integrating our Cultural Legacy

One defining feature of Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya’s learning environment is the integration of ancient Vedantic philosophy in enriching students’ on-campus experience and knowledge through language, tradition, music, dance, yoga, food, arts and cultural festivals. Developed in 1996, the Chinmaya Vision Program (CVP) inspires students to lead successful and humanitarian world citizen roles, to adopt a holistic vision to successfully navigate life challenges and heartily contribute to society.

High Academic Achievement

Since its inception, Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya has attracted a faculty of gifted teachers who have helped shaped our outstanding student success rates. Our specialized education methodology integrating mainstream curriculum, with cultural practices and experiential opportunities, have led to trailblazing success in teaching and strengthened the institution’s leadership in academic excellence within the broader community. We place heavy emphasis on attracting, recruiting and retaining a faculty of teaching professionals as well as, senior leaders and volunteers who are 100% committed to the values and outcome of Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya’s Mission. Unlike the public education system, Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya, has the lowest rate of teacher absenteeism in the country.

Nurturing Young Change Makers

As the world changes, the skills and education of young people will need to adapt and increase over the next decade. Across Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya campuses, parallel to our strong focus on academic achievement, we place heavy emphasis on nurturing moral values and the personal development of students. Through campus-led initiatives such as gardening projects, recycling projects, water conservation projects, fundraising and cultural and sporting events and spiritual programs students are empowered to take on leadership roles with an end-goal of developing strategies and outputs to benefit the larger community as opposed to mere self-interest. Through these activities students acquire life-long learning competencies, skills and values in volunteerism, how to be a change maker and in taking action to preserve the environment.

Value-based learning

Embedded and integrated in every activity on campus is the practice of discipline and respect for each other. Here, we nurture value-based skills in young leaders through an engagement process that involves the commitment of both teachers and parents. A zero-tolerance policy regarding any drug use, bullying and violence on school property is enforced across all campuses with a goal of maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment.

Promoting an Innovative approach to academic success – ‘No extra lessons’ mantra

At Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya, our focus is on the continued implementation of an education approach that guarantees the highest rate of student academic and personal development success. In contrast, within the public education and ‘prestige schools’ high emphasis is placed on pushing students to take on mandatory ‘extra lessons’ to achieve academic success at astronomical costs to parents. At Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya, this practice of ‘extra lessons’ is non-existent. This innovative approach and methodology developed by Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya, is a ‘gamechanger’ amongst the high school education ecosystem in Trinidad and Tobago.

Code of Conduct, Punctuality and Discipline

At Chinmaya Vidyalaya classroom conduct, punctuality and discipline play an integral part in daily school life and an important factor in achieving personal and academic success. This has resulted in accomplishing one of the lowest student and teacher absenteeism rates in Trinidad and Tobago. Our code of discipline and conduct is regularly updated and shared with parents, administrators, teachers and students. Both teachers and parents take on important roles in discipline enforcement as well as, in nurturing self-respect and self-discipline to effectively mould character and development.

Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility and Sustainability

At Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya, heavy emphasis is focused on delivering world class education to our youth, before profits. At the same time, Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya has built its sustainability and financial resilience, independent of government funding or investment. All funds received for classroom enhancement, facilities maintenance, or programming design and implementation are re-invested to advance students education. Accountability, transparency and foresight are undertaken by our Education Board of Directors, none of whom receive personal benefits or compensation.


The Chinmaya Mission and Chinmaya Vidyalaya have embarked on a new project for the benefit of the children of our nation.  We have resolved to establish a modern day, state of the art educational facility at the Couva location. This legacy we intend to leave for the future generations.

This facility will house the Primary and High schools along with Science Laboratories, Library, Language rooms, Amphitheatre etc. Our commitment to students is the Advanced level programme in several disciplines which will commence after the completion of the first phase of the project.

The construction of The Chinmaya Vidyalaya Sant Tulsidas Campus commenced in March 2019 with the sod turning ceremony for the three –phase project.