Event Timeline

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Celebration of Jnana Yagna at Chinmaya Maruti

Important Announcement about Chinmaya University

Centenary Celebrations

CNB inauguration

Golden Jubilee Celebration

CIF recognized as Research centre by Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

Foundation stone laid for Hanuman Temple in Sri Lanka

CVS merges in CCMT

Gurudev’s Pancaloha Statue

Chinmaya Chetna Hubli founded

Sandeepany Kolhapur Inauguratued

CVS was formed

Gurudev’s idol setup in Houston


CIRS Inauguration

CVP launched for Chinmaya Vidyalayas

CIM and Chinmaya Educational Cell formed

First International Spiritual Camp

Installation of Gurudev’s idol

Gurudev’s idol installation in Sidhabari

A token of Gratitude

Gurudev’s last visit to Chinmaya Badri

Elected as President of Hindu Religion at the World Parliment

Gurudev’s Commentry translated in French language.

Gurudev’s Mahasamadhi

Gurdev’s Mortal Brought to Delhi.

Gurudev’s Samadhi at Sidhabari

Dakshineshwar Kailasnath temple consecrated

Official association of Chinmaya Mission Paris

Inauguration of Badri Narayan Temple

Gurudev’s Platinum Jubliee

Dharma Sevak Course Initiated in Mumbai

Last Yagna

Svarana Tulabharam for Swami Chinmayananda

Kasargod Sandeepany inaugurated

Inauguration of Chinmaya Garden Trust

Inaguration of Sandeepany Karnataka

Inauguration of Sandeepany San Jose

Inauguration of First Asia-Pacific Hindu Conference

70th birthday of Gurudev

Sandeepany Prayag founded

First Gita chanting competition National wide

Inauguration of Rewa Chinmaya Seva Trust

Gurudev visit to Chinmayaranyam

Sandeepany Andhra Pradesh get going

Chinmaya Vidhyalaya Bangalore inaugurated

Opening of Publications Division (Hindi)

CHYK Chennai performed a play

Inauguration of Sandeepany Himalaya

First Study Group in Manila

Chinmaya Lanka Centre in operation

CMW established

Inaugural function of CMW

Chinmaya Publications Canada formed

Ahmedabad Centre inauguration

First temple in Bangalore established

Swami Tapovan Maharaj idol setup

Foundation stone laid for Sandeepany Himalayas

Spotted a Land at Shidhabari

First AICHYK meet

CHYK set in motion

Lecture at the National Library of Canada

Crash course for white collar workers

Zonal Worker’s Conference

Talks at eighteen Universities worldwide

Long tour of 190 days

First visit to Kuwait

Mission center formation in Bahrain

Setting up of Muralikrishna idol in Kuwait

Guruji’s first posting

Gurudev’s recovery from a heart attack

Install of Swami Vivekanada’s Rock Memorial

CTI initiated

Balvihar-International magazine bring into being

Inauguration of Jagadeeswara Temple

Inauguration of Chinmaya Gram

Postal Courses for Indians

First jnana yagna abroad

Introduction of Postal Courses to overseas students

Tyagi merges with Tapovan Prasad

A farewell for global tour

First Hindu monthly magzine

Return from Meruvidhi

CCMT registration

Jagadeeswara Temple Foundation stone laid

VHP Inaugural meeting

Chinmaya Mission Pledge

First Vedanta Course

Usha merges with Tapovan Prasad

Swami Sivananda Maharaj Mahasamadhi

Tara Cultural Trust Formed

100th Yajna Completed

First Sanyaasa Deeksha by Swamiji

Chinmaya Publications begins its journey

Chinmaya Tapovanam

Birth of Tapovan Prasad

Construction of Sandeepany Sadhanalaya starts

Akhila Bharateeya Chinmaya Devi Sammelan

The Holy Gita

Seeds of Sandeepany

First Chinmaya Workers conference

Birth of Usha

First Balamahotsav

Swami Tapovan Maharaj’s Mahasamadhi

Hail Renaissance released

Release of Hail Renaissance Emblem

Balvihar Movement

Birth of Tyagi

Second Jnana Yajna

Birth of Chinmaya Mission

25 Yajnas

The Inspiration

Tour of India Begins

The first walk to the Plains

First Jnana Yajna

Meeting with Swami Tapovan Maharaj

First Visit to Sivananda Ashram

Sanyaasa Diksha

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