Food for Thought – On Ingrained Impressions

Yes, when the going is smooth it is easy to be spiritual and steady in our inner peace. Then the outer world grins at us we loose our balance and start living in old individualistic life seeking our security and selfish fulfillment. Whenever you make such slips, very carefully analyse and discover the source of the “fall”. Kama aesha – krodha aesha- Kama (lust) other wise called as rage (krodha) is the source every time.

Even Ramaswamy Naicker will cry out “Govinda Govinda” when something sharp suddenly hits him- the old samskara.  So too we had been living so long at our ego level, that in unguarded moments we forget our higher nature, and due to our Samskara we get perturbed. Tat vismaranai param vyakulatha—says N. Bhakti sutra.

Never mind. Even a very good driver can bump into an unexpected pot hole. Overlook it – not to bump into one is the best – but in long travels it happens.

-From the letters to one of the devotees.

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